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Charity - Olive Osmond Hearing Fund

Proceeds from The Pioneer Legacy benefits local deaf and hard-of-hearing children with the gift of hearing through the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund. Currently, the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund has provided more than $100,000 worth of hearing aids and services to deaf children all across the Utah as a result of The Pioneer Legacy events.

The Olive Osmond Hearing Fund is a non-profit 501c3, founded in late 2010 to raise deaf awareness and promote hearing educational services by providing others with better hearing in honor of Olive Osmond, the matriarch of the performing Osmond family. The foundation’s goal is to donate its time and resources to assist the deaf and hard-of-hearing and lead the way to help thousands of men, women and children worldwide to have a chance to reach their greatest dreams and aspirations in life.  

Since 2010, the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund has raised awareness around the world and helped over 3,000 children receive the gift of hearing.  Supported by many volunteers, programs, organizations and donors around the world, the foundation continues to raise awareness and funding to help the millions of deaf and hard-of-hearing worldwide.

With the Osmond family as its backbone, all the best products, resources, hearing aids and hearing professionals will be brought to children in need. The Olive Osmond Hearing Fund will partner with hearing health programs, both nationally and worldwide. By utilizing and combining our resources, we can help so many more to hear.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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