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Auditions & Other Cast Participation

Thank you for your interest in Youth Pioneer Production July 23rd and 24th! The cast of the Merrill Osmond Youth Pioneer Production consists of over 100 youth as lead, solo or part of the ensamble. We will be casting the lead and solo roles and invite you to audition for these roles as well as for the participate in the ensamble. Merrill Osmond provides an excellent facility with quality directors that give performers a professional experience. Casting decisions are completely subjective and are the decision of the production team. We welcome all others who wish to participate in supporting roles to register as no auditions are neccessary for these parts and we welcome you to be part of our show. We hope you realize how complimented we feel that you had an interest in being in our show. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. We are so excited for the production this year and look forward to having a great experience with you involved!


Audition/Rehearsal Dates: Rehearsal schedule  HERE  *subject to change

Mandatory Parents Meeting: Wed. June 24th 6:30-9:30p (if you missed this meeting but would like your child(ren) to participate, please contact Karen or Lisa, contact information below as we are still accepting cast members)

Location: NEW LOCATION: Old West Jordan Library  - 1970 W. 7800 S.  West Jordan, UT 84008 (across from park entrance)



If you are interested or have questions about the show please come to our rehearsals or feel free to call:

Karen Carter - 801-571-1830 or email

Lisa Timothy - 801-647-3097 or email


To be a performer in the Youth Pioneer Production, we ask that you adhere to the following:  
* Commit to be at the scheduled rehearsal and have a great time!

* Pay a non-refundable $35 Participation Fee per performer (family discounts will apply for multiple members/performers, and scholarships are available to those with financial limitations). This fee includes: high quality & professional instruction, cast t-shirt, and a cast party after the production is complete and you can bring as many family and friends to see you at the show since this year is FREE ADMISSION.
* We would also like to ask for each performer to donate 5 volunteer hours, completed by parents or performers if over 16 yrs. old. (You can choose what you'd like to help with including set/staging, costume making, costume changes, dressing rooms, backstage, ushering, security posts, parking assistance, etc.). If you'd prefer to not volunteer time, you can also make a voluntary donation of $50 to the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund.
* Bring your own costume to wear, or we can provide on for you. If we provide one, we ask for a $15 deposit that will be returned to you when you return the costume to us, washed and with any needed repairs, if any. 

These items will be discussed more in depth at the parent/cast meeting. Please do not let the fee or time requirement make it so you do not audition/participate; limited scholarships are also available. We want every person to have an opportunity. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have questions.


The Youth Pioneer Production staff will contact (by telephone) only those actors who are called to call backs on lead roles. Please understand that because of the large number of people involved, it is not possible to call everyone who did not get offered a leading role in the final Company, however we would still invite you to participate with the production cast even if you are not cast for the role you may audition for intially.  

CLICK HERE For 2015 Cast Members (Youth Pioneer Production Page)

*The 2015 Cast Party will be at Boondocks on Monday July 27th at 6PM. For more information please ask Lisa Timothy, Camie Mitchell, or Karen Carter for details.  

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